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Download Premise 2.0 WordPress Plugin

Copyblogger Media has released an advanced version of their Premise 2.0 WordPress plugin with addition of many great features and functionality. This plugin is designed to create lead generating and sell converting business landing page or you can create entire site using the features of this plugin. It can also be used for educational training program. The versatile plugin help you building fast and easy landing pages that can convert your visitor to buyer.  This result oriented plugin is ideal for point and click landing pages, copyright advise, selling eBooks, software and other digital sale and marketing the products.

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With the help of new features in Premise 2.0, you can create a membership site with secured login protected members gateway. The plugin is tightly code with core coding of WordPress authentication and user access management protocols which makes it more compatible with WordPress and it’s functionality.

Possibilities that you can do with Premise 2.0 Plugin :

  • Registered member can be charged for one time fee or you can collect recurring charges. Plugin will automatically manage member access after the initial payment, allows further access after collecting each due payments and denies the access to those members who have not made the payment or have cancelled the membership
  • Many online coaching classes and membership sites offers an info dump at initial access. For better education and business approach, you might be to drip your course or premium content sequentially over the time, promote higher understanding and retentions and to create sustainable membership levels.
  • Selling eBooks, applications, digital product are the modern way of business. This is where premise 2.0 helps you create numerous sets of digital product for sale, guard them from unauthorized access until the purchase and create hassle free transactions
  • Most of the professional online education training programs and membership websites provide extra help, this plugin is integrated with the most famous vBulletin forum to make paid forum areas.
  • Fast and easy way to set up password protected content libraries. A smart way to get highly effective lead generation is to provide premium content in exchange of user registration. Using this plugin, you can create valuable content libraries which can be accessed with email registration. To be more effective, apart from marketing, one has to create better valued place like online webinars, white papers and other paid content that can lead you more closer to convert your visitor in to client or customer
  • Easy payment coordination with check out page using PayPal and payment gateways. Allows you to create check out page to obtain buyers / members information and take them to payment gateways to pay online or use their credit card to make the payments
  • Plugin has full compatibility with any WordPress framework or custom / premium WordPress theme

Check out what you can do with Premise 2.0

    1. Creating Landing Pages:
      • 7 different landing page styles
        • call to action landing page for business
        • Email landing page to create your own email collecting page
        • SEO landing page that help your heavy content single page to showcase in effective manner with optimized way for better SEO benefits
        • Create video landing page
        • Pricing page to present your various packages and plans
        • Space saving tab scrolling page using side scrolling and tabs to present your content without having long page
        • Create thanks you page for your visitor when they subscribe or buy your product
      • Easy styling settings to customize your colors fonts and style without touching code
      • Built in HTML editor from where you can add body text and custom classes
      • Edit any page with individual page settings with easy customization features
      • Allows you to offer your visitor sample copy with single click
      • Countless custom graphics packed with this plugin to create interactive page
      • Add Opt-in code from your auto responding email service
      •  Create notice boxes to highlight your specific content
      • Create your customized buttons using built in button creator
    2. Optimization
    • Option for each page to optimize for better SEO and gain more traffic
    • Add monthly seminar on various topic under your education program for Copywriting, SEO and other subjects
    • Split test for each page which helps you test between variation of same basic landing pages
  1. Content Writing
  • Add any numbers of tutorials for effective content writing
  • Add audio seminar and PDF documentation guide for your members
  • Publish Sample copy templates with just single click with classic template of sample content

Regular Price :
For Premise 2.0 Starter Edition: $85
For Premise 2.0 Ultimate Edition: $165

Premise 2.0 has added almost double features compare to older version but still they have not increase the price and instead offers you great chance to save $70.

Buy Premise 2.0 Ultimate for just $95 with complete technical guidance via documentation and provides an excellent support.
Offer valid for limited time until their new website design is launched which is currently under construction

Buy Premise 2.0 with 30 days risk free money back guarantee