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Supreme Shortcodes WordPress Plugin • A Multi-Feature WP Plugin

Supreme Shortcodes WordPress Plugin : A Multi-Feature WP Plugin

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Supreme Shortcode is an awesome WordPress plugin which offer you many useful and styled shortcodes that make your page layouts more simpler. This plugin is developed by Supremefactory available for purchase at Codecanyon marketplace. it comes with 100+ option with beautiful point and click use. Supreme Shortcodes is accessible in any WordPress Text and Visual Editor mode.

Supreme Shortcode include many static element like Boxes, Lines, 3D Buttons, Tabs, Toggles, Columns, Dividers, Responsive Rows. Supereme is built on Twitter Bootstrap framework for get responsive design. It support all the modern browser like Firefox 10+, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE9+ etc. It is also work perfectly in every smartphone devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

Lines + Dividers : Lines and Dividers allow you to simply organize your Post or Page content. It Include option like Break Line, Horizontal Line, Clear Div and 4 Divider (Dotted, Dashed, Shadow, text etc).

Buttons : Buttons is a very useful element of any content. So the Supreme include large collection of buttons with unlimited colors. You can easily create amazing buttons using this Shortcode. It has advance option like :

  • Text color – pick any color from a color box
  • Size – small, medium, large
  • Target – Using this you can set the link target like _blank, _parent and _self
  • Link – Add any link to page

Supreme Shortcode WordPress Plugin

Boxes + Callout : Boxes is the best way to attract your users to most important content of your page. The Supereme include 4 various boxes like Alert, Warning, Info and Success. The boxes has a fluid width that automatically adjusts the size of it’s parent element.

Icons : Supreme plugin comes with 500+ Font Awesome Icons includes. This icon can be used personaly and as a other page component. You can easily add icons to your page and post with using this shortcode. It also allow you upload your own icon in your post. Supreme icon shortcodes comes with 3 style like single, icon teasers and icon banner.

Tooltip + Modal + Popover : Supreme plugin is packed with Tootips which is the best way to give popout tips to your users. It offer you to customize tooltips by changing color, alignment and sizes. Tooltips is the perfect way to add beautifully additional information in your post. It gives Position, Text and Tooltip text customization option.

Supreme include Facebook style popups Modal button in which you can add any HTML content like Images, Videos, Lists etc.

Tabs + Toggles : Tabs is used to add group related content. You can easily create and add tabbed content with the using the Tab shortcode. Tabs shortcode have a fluid width means that can adjust any page size. It provide option to add Number of Tabs , Title, Tab #1 Title and Tab #1 Content.

Toggles allow you to easily create Toggled content using the Toggle Shortcode. Any content can be added in the toggled div and you can also add other toggles Shortcodes.

Progress Bar : Progress Bar is the very useful shortcode which allows you to create unlimited amount progress meters. It include 4 different colors, animated option and 2 types.

Responsive Row + Columns : Responsive Shortcode allow you to create responsive images, videos and other medias. It means that image will easily fits in any screen size. It has option to enable/disable Lightbox and Fancybox. You can easily embed any media inside the columns layout. All media are fully responsive so it fit to any screen size.

Using the Supreme column Shortcode you can create any types of page layout. It has option to add between 12 column layout. Also it offer you to nest one column shortcode into other column.

Google : Supreme include all the google services like Google maps, Charts, Docs and Trends. Google Maps has option to add custom Google Maps using shortcode anywhere. Allow you to use all Features of the Google Maps API like colors and 4 Map Types (Road, Hybrid, Satellite and Terrain.)

Supreme include Google Doc to embed Documents, Presentations, Forms, Drawings, Spreadsheets, PDF, and more

Google chart shortcodes allow you to add charts for displaying data from Google Charts API. Allow you to add 7 Google Chart Types like Bar, Geo, Combo, Bubble, Pie, Area and Org.

List + Tables : Indicate your unrdered lists with custom icons using List Shortcode like success, info, warning, star, green plus and red minus.

Theme include Tables shortcode to add stylish table and pricing table to any page.

Media : Using Media Shortcode it allow you to easily add vidoe and audio from Flash, Vimeo, YouTube, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and other self hosted media file to your page. It include a wide range of option like HD, controls, dimensions, autoplay and more.

Typography : Typography is the very useful shortcode you can simply add Dropcaps, Quotes, Highlights, Label, abbreviation and Heading in any content. You can also add Testimonials section using Quotes Shortcodes.

Related : Using Supreme blog shortcode you can create your own blog lists. It is a very useful to create manualy blog page. It allow you to show unlimited related posts with option to display specific Filter and Category.

Contact Forms : This shortcode allow you to add your own Contact Forms everywhere and use built it Captchas and Akismat filtering. It also has auto responder that you can easily use. Contact Forms is very easy to use and it comes with 2 Light and Dark colors.

Carousel : Using Carousel Slider you can easily add Posts, Content, Image slider anywhere. It has option to add unlimited slider in per page. It is a fully flexible it means you can display other contents beside carousel also.

Price :
For Supreme Shortcode WordPress Plugin : $18

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