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AppThemes MarketPlace- Download AppThemes Child Themes Plugins

AppThemes Marketplace – A Place To Get Useful Plugins

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AppThemes have started an AppThemes Marketplace where they have started with 12 sweet WordPress products. These plugins and child themes will add extra functionality in to their WordPress themes that makes your website more exquisite and professional. These plugins are extremely handy to add values to your site with easy to use options. Plugin will add custom post type to add and manage extra features.

At the AppThemes MarketPlace, you can buy or sell any WordPress plugin that are great to use. The marketplace is completely developer friendly and a new source to generate extra revenue. Developer can create child themes, plugins, add new features, add color schemes and other customized work and put them here to sell.

Premium AppThemes Child Themes, Premium AppThemes WordPress Plugins

They have kicked of this marketplace with 12 feature rich WordPress plugin and child themes plus many more to come.

List Of Items In AppThemes Marketplace :

2Checkout WordPress Plugin : Add 8 different payment methods, 15 languages and 26 currencies. Collect payment using 2Checkout in your website that uses Vantage theme. This plugin covers major payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Diner, Discover and JCB. Get paid using electronic bank transfer or Payoneer MasterCard in different currencies. It allows you to customize checkout page as per your desired color.

Authorize.Net Plugin : The famous payment gateway that helps you collect money via credit cards and e-checks for your service or products which are being sold on your AppThemes powered themes. It has advantages of secured hosted payments, easy integration in to website, accepts payment from MasterCard, Visa, America Express and other major parties, bank transfer and international transactions processed in US dollar.

Stripe Plugin : This is very handy components if you are using Vantage WordPress Theme. It allows you to collect payment via credit cards without any redirection and it needs no branding. It’s so easy to integrate that user will not even get to know that you are using Stripe. It accepts all major credit cards and bypass PCI requirements. It includes SSL support for websites with certificate.

Citrus Night WordPress Child Theme : A customized dark ClassiPress child theme with numerous additional features. This simple child theme has feature like sold ribbon for listings and a stamp of sold in single ad, crow image for featured listings, add highlight background for featured listing, sticky ads on top of search and category, add “New” label to those listings which are 1 day old, add sign of “Price is negotiable” when customer agrees, effective tab positions including the category, Large Google Map at bottom of listings, inclusion of “email this advertise to a friend”, Clickable emails and URLs in post and option to set background image.

Advantage WordPress Child Theme : A stylish Vantage child theme that includes many good features like Prima Child Theme has. It has great visual aesthetics that transforms the Vantage theme to an extra ordinary and professional business directory theme.

Eva WordPress Child ThemeIt’s a customized JobRoller child theme that is more lightweight and loads faster. It converts default JobRoller theme in to stylish and professional job listing website. It includes additional features like new full width page template, color variations, TypeRight plugin support, 4 widgetized footer area, support for third party FXtender plugin and it’s fully compatible with JobRoller theme.

Prima WordPress Child Theme : A stylish JobRoller child theme which has minimalistic layout and splash of color. It completely changes each and every visual elements that are in default theme. It includes features like modified search bar using jQuery that has radius drop down menus, includes labels that helps user to navigation through process by instruction them for each section, integration of Fontsquirrel, moving the main navigation bar to top of the search section which allows the user to swiftly brows through job types like part time full time etc., full width page template, resume having hover icons showcasing core details like salary, date of posted, name of company, and featured status.

FXtender Pro Plugin For JobRoller Theme : Special plugin for JobRoller Theme that ads numerous new features, options and widget to JobRoller powered website. Includes lots of features like control on how many jobs need to be approved and published before a job is auto published, option for admins to manually submit jobs on front end and set job application recipient field, redirect job visitors to registration page, redirect application visitors to registration page, include job duration field while submitting job, preview jobs with mouse hover on job listing, showcase company logo thumbnail on job listing, auto file job Seeker / Lister details, apply through registered email only to avoid spammers, persistent company logo which needs not to upload logo every time, add logo to user profile, upload CV / Resume file to dashboard and apply to jobs with uploaded CV / Resumes file, turn on download option for Resume / CV files, 4 payment methods (2Checkout, Google Checkout, and Bank transfer), S2Member integration to restrict access of adding online resumes and uploading CV / Resumes, LinkedIn integration and inclusion of 2 new widgets (Company logo and Mini Google Maps)

AppThemes Coupons Plugin : Offer coupon to your customer using this plugin. you can offer flat rate discounts, % based discount (percentage of total order), assign auto start and end time and restrict number of used on total use. 

 TypeRight WordPress Plugin : A premium plugn for JobRoller theme to insert Google Maps that give idea to user with a list of possible locations based on what has been typed. It enhances the user experience to make sure valid locations are selected without having any typo.

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin : It allows you to dd completely controlled advance custom fields for ClassiPress Theme. It contains features like custom profile fields, various types of profile fields, formats of profile fields and ads with customizable datepicker and validation input values, private fields that powers admin and author to view an ad while hiding it from other visitor and search engine, limit the number of input words, symbols and collocations, validates and limits form field format, write custom message for validation, option to write messages in local language, default value for all field, inherit value of the profile field in the ad fields, control output fields on number of pages and forms like registration for, edit form etc.and export plugin setting in INI file or import plugin setting from another file.

Simply Hired Publisher : Fully customized aggregator that publishes job listings on your website using API in JobRoller theme. It needs Job-a-matic account to integration it. It has advantages like option to select from 20+ countries, O*Net occupation support for US sites that shows most relevant jobs to your site visitors, Flexible job queries to showcase the most relevant jobs to each site, create any number of jobs to fetch from simply hired, sort jobs results by title, date and relevance, showcase simply hired results on homepage while searching or browsing jobs by categories and types, Cache Front page result for faster performance, add custom CSS class to style organic, sponsored and paid jobs and utilizes standard WordPress gettext library for easy translation.

Check Out Pricing and Other Details At AppThemes Marketplace

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